segunda-feira, 29 de junho de 2020

“I became a runner To escape the fame I still don't wanna play A lion will never change I became a runner But I'm not afraid Probably a big mistake I never liked the cage How can I forget you? You're never late, you're always right there at my rescue How could I reject you? You are my cave that keeps me safe, you are my refuge I became a runner Like the words you didn't stutter Right before the jab That's not what you meant Now you lost friend I became a runner Like the dream that pulled you under Just before the day Sure, that's all that's left Better than regret Let's go I became a runner Need a shoe built to last So I can speed by the past And never face the facts” Runnin’, by Kelis (Machinedrum Remix) #todososdiassaodiasdeines #onerunonesong #nofilter #corrida #correr #correre #run #running #runhappy #timetoplay #instarunners

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